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Learn more about what we offer!

At Identity, we strive to offer high-quality services to meet all of your hair care and styling needs.

All services are priced by the hour and gratuity free!


Our haircuts are based by length not gender. In our salon, you will never have to pay more for a hair service due to your assigned gender or chosen gender.

$60 per hour 


Our color services are all customized to fit your hair needs. We will start with a consultation to go over the process and pricing to ensure your desired end result. 

$75 per hour


Getting a perm can be intimidating. But we strive to achieve a perm that doesn't belong in the 80's... Of course unless that's what you're looking for. 


$75 per hour


These sessions are all about taking care of the hairs you don't want from treating dryness to removing facial hairs. We also offer facial hair tinting!

$60 per hour


Buzz Cut: 15 Minutes

One length, all over clipper cut.

Bang/Neck Trim: 15 Minutes

Clipper work on sides and back only. Hair no longer than 1/2 inch or around 2-3 weeks of growth.

Barber/Clipper Cuts: 30 Minutes

Clipper work using clipper over comb or numbered gaurds.

Kids Cuts: 30 Minutes

For children 12 and under.

Basic Hair Lesson: 30 Minutes

These can be anything from creating a hair care routine, learning to blow dry or curl, learning how to wash your hair or even learning a fun new hairstyle. It would also be great for a caregiver! Consultation required.

Dry Cut Trim: 30 Minutes

Trimming the ends of the hair no more than 3 inches for a one legnth cut only, no layers or texture. This does not include a wash or style.

Advanced Short Haircut: 45 Minutes

Detailed shear work on hair no longer than chin length.

Medium/Long Haircut: 1 Hour

Long shear work on hair longer than chin length. 

Advanced Haircut: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Advanced sheer work on hair longer than chin length. This includes cutting more than 6 inches off, specialty haircut and very thick hair. 


Hair Gloss: 30 Minutes Alone or 1 Hour with Blow Dry

The gloss gives your hair high shine and a subtle wash of color without committing to permanent color and can be used to tone unwanted tones or add more shine and vibrancy to your color. 

Single Color Root Touch Up: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Touch up new growth under 2 inches from the scalp. Recommended every 6 to 8 weeks for maintenance to full colors. 

All Over Color: 2 Hours

All over single color applied from roots to ends.  This does not include lightening or added dimension.

Accent Highlight: 2 Hours

This ten foil highlight helps to blend regrowth in between partial/full foil appointments. These foils are placed around your hairline where it will have the most visual effect. You can also add this service along with your single process color to add dimension.

Partial Highlight: 2 Hours

Half as many foils as a full highlight making it less of a commitment. This is perfect for someone who is new to color. A partial foil is also good for someone wanting more dimension. Recommended every 6 to 8 weeks.

Full Highlight: 3 Hours

A full highlight is foils hair on the entire head, including the underneath sections. If you want to see highlights underneath your hair when you wear your hair up, this is the way to go. Recommended every 6 to 8 weeks.

Highlight Transformation: 4 Hours

This service is for people wanting a big change with dimension. This will utilize more than one highlighting technique to customize your desired results. This can be any combination of base color, highlights, lowlights, balayage.

Vivid Colors

Vivid hair colors are typically bright fashion colors outside the traditional realm of color. Vivid colors will most likely include pre-lightening the hair to get it to the perfect canvas for the vivid color. If you have dark/medium colored hair, keep in mind we might not get you to your desired look in one session.

Platinum Card

A platinum card is a technique in which I will foil every piece of your hair to achieve a platinum or all over lighter color result without any dimension in between.

Custom Color

Custom color option is for people who are up to do anything with their hair. This is for people who are wanting a change. The stylist will help you pick a color based on what we would think looks best.

Color Correction

Color correction involves correcting previously colored hair to achieve your desired look. This does not always mean that it is a correction of something that went wrong. It can also be excessive regrowth. This includes any color that has not been done in over 10 weeks.


Short Perm

Perm on hair at least two inches long but no longer than chin length.

Long Perm

Perm on hair longer than chin length. This is for people wanting a beachy loose wave.

Treatments & Waxes

Treatment: 30 Minutes

The hair treatments we offer can help to manage common hair related problems such as buildup, dryness, scalp problems, dull or damaged hair, and other hair issues.

Face Wax: 30 Minutes

Facial waxing is a process that involves removing unwanted facial hair at the root, leaving you with a smooth, hair-free face for several weeks. A full face wax can include any area of the face you are wanting waxed.

Brow Wax: 15 Minutes

Eyebrow waxing involves applying a thin layer of hot wax over the hairs that need to be removed around the brow area. This can be done to give shape to your brows, or to give a cleaner look while maintaining your natural brow shape.

Lip, Chin or Sideburn Wax: 15 Minutes

This waxing involves applying a thin layer of hot wax over the hairs that need to be removed around the desired area.

Facial Hair Tinting: 30 Minutes

Facial hair tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define any hair on the face. This can give the appearance of a thicker, more accentuated look to your brows, mustache, or beard.

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